Monday, November 10, 2008

Ethiopian Food

I never thought we'd be able to pull this off. Living in a small town, we miss access to ethnic foods such as Ethiopian, so we decided to take the skillet into our own hands and make our own. The berbere (red pepper) spice was bought last time we were in Los Angeles--that big cup was just $5. The cookbook was bought from the same Ethiopian market there (Merkato). We didn't think ahead about the bread (injera) so just used wheat noodles instead. The lentil dish, potato dish and tomato salad were AWESOME!!! And tasted even better throughout the week. This was great, economically, too--we figured out that this got us about 6 meals for almost $1 each.


jillian lauren said...

Is this entry in honor of Tariku?!?! Well- it is now. I'm going to cook his dad this meal to get him ready for our coming trip to Ethiopia! This warms my heart.

Rich & Shawna said...

Yay! You can learn how to cook this for Tariku! I can't wait to see your beautiful family all together.